Demo or Die -The Sprint Review – Joe Justice’s Deep Dive into a Simple Concept

The benefit of coaching comes from small distinctions that can have a profound effect on your understanding.

I really understood this when Joe Justice asked two questions after we watched the video clip above.

The video is under 3 minutes long and I had watched it several times in my preparation for the training. I got the idea, but I missed two very important points.

Joe asked, “What two things did you notice about this?” Silence in the room. “OK, one, how many demos did they do?”  Continue reading “Demo or Die -The Sprint Review – Joe Justice’s Deep Dive into a Simple Concept”

Joe Justice “Scrum for Hardware” training in Stockholm Sweden

Just returned from Stockholm.

Two days of professional scrum training with Joe Justice, founder of TeamWikiSpeed and President of Scrum@Hardware with ScrumInc the company run by the co-founder of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland.

I am committed to update this blog regularly with details of how I am implementing what I have learned over the past months to improve my restaurant in London, Riccardo’s.

Please post a comment to let me know how I’m doing with this journal, if you find it helpful, any stories you’d like to share and if you have any advice or any questions for me I’d love to hear from you.

Very best wishes,

Riccardo Mariti