Scrum is based on Evolutionary Theory

Going through my notes from Training with Jeff Sutherland and Henrik Kniberg, Jeff is the co-founder of Scum and author of several books on Scrum.

I’ll make a resource list if anyone asks for it – (just post a comment below)

I thought I’d write about concepts and how I implement them into my business and the results we get.

Here are a couple of paragraphs from my  notes on Evolutionary Biology and how it applies to Scrum.

“Punctuated Equilibrium” Professor Gould
Squirrel to a flying squirrel
You need to think like an evolutionary biologist
Often you are trying to slam a new feature into a broken system – it doesn’t work

“smallest change we can make” – and watch it

.wav11 4m-5m
MC = Major concept

“Smallest change to the product and the team to push it to a new capability”, – “run it for a day and then do it again”, – “Scrum is based on EVOLUTIONARY THEORY”
TS (transcript) from recording – “today, what is the simplest change we can make to the system that would push it towards a new capability?, and we want to make that change and run the system, watch it and then ask the question again,”, “what’s the next smallest change we should make?” “and every time you ask the question it may be in a completely different part of the system” and if we do it systematically we will get a new feature in 10% of the time and it will be a better feature because it will be an adaptive feature that is built into a growing system, and so the system will be more flexible, we want to do something new we can take it off into a new direction and I said we need to do the same thing for the team – every day we need to ask the question, ‘what is the smallest change we can make in the team to push it towards a new capability?’, and we want to make that change and run for a day and then come back tomorrow and ask the same question and if we keep on doing that we will not only have an awesome product, we’ll have an awesome team that can build better products” “so again, this is the fundamental core principle of Scrum, it is based on evolutionary theory”


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