Scrum is based on Evolutionary Theory

Going through my notes from Training with Jeff Sutherland and Henrik Kniberg, Jeff is the co-founder of Scum and author of several books on Scrum.

I’ll make a resource list if anyone asks for it – (just post a comment below)

I thought I’d write about concepts and how I implement them into my business and the results we get.

Here are a couple of paragraphs from my  notes on Evolutionary Biology and how it applies to Scrum.

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Using Scrum to “Story Brand” Our Restaurant – Part 2, Getting It Done

See Part 1, Click here

How we made a remote session seem face to face –

We used an app called Zoom (see for the call.

We like this because it allows us to listen to system audio, write notes, mark up a screen with a virtual pen, also, when you are doing multiple sessions, the virtual room stays there, it’s not like skype where you have to keep answering a call. So far we’ve used it for about 40 hours of calls and it is very stable and the call quality is good.

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Using Scrum to “Story Brand” Our Restaurant – Part 1, Planning It

It’s 8:55am Sunday 7th May 2017 and I’ve just finished writing out the backlog for this morning’s Story Brand training that we are holding at 11am.

The plan is to run the day in 45-minute sprints.

Before the start of each sprint, we’ll have ‘Sprint Planning’ where we’ll discuss how many cards we think we can take into the sprint, bearing in mind that the times on the cards are not necessarily the time it will take up to watch because we have ‘Google Chrome Speed Controller’ which enables us to watch a video at up to twice the normal speed.

At the end or each sprint, we’ll have a ‘Sprint Review’ where we’ll demo to each other what we have done during the sprint and a ‘Sprint Retrospective’ where we’ll discuss what to do in the next sprint to improve it. This will be time boxed to 15 mins.

We’ll work through until we’re finished.

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